A new year, new expectations.

    The old year has passed away like a river lost in the great ocean of time ; and the new year has just begun the same course. A year ! What is it? It is a period of time measured out by one revolution of the earth around the sun.

    Astronomers inform us that the sun is the center of our system, and that the planets, at different distances and at stated times, revolve around it. The planet on which we live is said to be about 95,000,000 miles from the sun ; and, although it flies in its orbit at the rate of G8,000 miles an hour, it makes its circuit around the sun but just once a year. Thereby the Creator measures out the years with great exactness.

    The year is divided into twelve parts called months ; and to measure out the months, the Creator has ap- pointed the moon to travel in its orbit around the earth. Moreover, the Creator has divided the months into weeks, by appointing every seventh day as a rest from secular toils; and for spiritual worship, he has divided the weeks into days, and commissioned the earth itself to measure out the days, by revolving on its own axis.

    Thus the Great Creator of all things has sub-divided time, and measured it out with great precision ; appointing the heavenly bodies as our time-keepers, so that we may regard them as so many wheels in the great time-piece of wonderful mechanism, to measure out the months and years of our lives.

    Although these orbs have been revolving with marvelous velocity for countless years, neither age nor friction has wasted a particle of their substance — no obstacle has obstructed nor misdirected their course ; nor accelerated nor slowed their velocity. The Almighty and immutable hand that created them, and gave them their first motion, keeps them in motion still.

    By this great clock-like machinery of the heavens, the years of millions of our race have been already measured out to their end, and they have entered upon their endless state of being. By the order of the same Almighty Ruler, our life is, in like manner, being measured out, and bearing us on to a strict and solemn reckoning. It is this that makes the seasons of our lives one of vast responsibility, "For whatso- ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

    Let it be kept in mind, that every day adds a new chapter to the volume of life's history. If the record of the past year, on a review, awakens a sense of guilt and shame, then, approach the foot of the cross, we may look up to Jesus Christ for pardon ; and beseech Him to give us grace and strength to do better in the future. The New Year begins a new chapter in life's history. The pages are now blank for a daily record. The wise will guard against blotting them with sins ; and strive to fill them with deeds of righteousness. This year will be measured out like the past, by the great time- piece of the heavens ; and it will swiftly glide away :


    " The moments fly — a minute gone ! The minute flies — an hour is run ! The day is fled — the night is here ! Thus fly the weeks, the month, the year ! "


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